ChristChurch is a church for everyone! We believe that Christianity is not about religion or keeping a list of rules but about a relationship with Jesus Christ. So whatever your background, age or education you are really welcome to join us on a Sunday morning.

Newday 2014 Special Request

Over the next week around 6000 plus teenagers will be gathering in a very large field near Norwich under the banner of an event called Newday.  The purpose of this week is to provide a very unique and safe atmosphere for young teens to gather, laugh, play and share together.  More than this it’s an opportunity for them to meet with God and ignite a flame of faith that we pray will never ever be put out.

Around 60 people from ChristChurch are attending, visiting or serving Newday.  Over 30 plus of these are teens from our church.  The others are made up of servers, Newday admin, hosts, security, referral and first aid teams….and more.  On top of this a number of our church are serving by driving trucks and mini buses to help with some of the complicated logistics of an event such as this.

You may not be personally attending Newday but we hope that you will join with us in a way that we believe always bears fruit….please pray!!!

Pray for open hearts to receive the gospel possibly for the first time and for those who we know will re-commit their lives to Jesus .

Pray for safety over the transport, games and general running of a camp like this (hey, we’re camping….what could go wrong!!?).

Pray for good weather because…. well…. one word… Plumpton!!

And Pray that God moves and reveals his Glory in such a mind blowing way that nobody leaves the field the same as they arrived, because when God shows up…everyone changes!!

For more detail of Newday click HERE


Meetings over the Summer

Dates, Times and Venues

Sunday 20th July meet at Hailsham Community College at 10am

Sunday 27th July meet at Pilgrim Hall 3pm Baptism, Picnic and Swim

Sunday 3rd August meet at Hailsham East Community Centre at3pm

Sunday 10th August meet at Hailsham East Community Centre at 3pm

Sunday 17th August meet at Hailsham East Community Centre at 3pm

Sunday 24th August meet at Hailsham East Community Centre at 3pm

Sunday 31st  August meet at Hailsham East Community Centre at 3pm